We are authors and developers of S.I.T. ®©. We can help corporate clients to use the tool to navigate on the ocean of ideas with its tsunamis like Open Innovation, Design Thinking and others.

With the S.I.T. ®© the innovation managers don’t need to ask clients. They know how to choose and how to separate useful from useless ideas to the client, the final user. The corporate client will learn another way to choose ideas. For us it isn’t important if the idea is good, beautiful, wonderful or something like this. Everyone knows that hell is full of wonderful burning ideas. Then, of course, this way isn’t the best way to choose ideas for innovation.

The corporate clients can work with security and do not need to fear or feel uncertain or insecure, thinking if the idea will be, or not, successful. They will know, a priori, the answer to this question.

The first step is to train the corporate specialists of innovation to understand the mathematical method. They will learn how to calculate ideas, use the balance, learn to decide whether to go or not to the market, what has to change in the idea before it goes to the market, if there is a real possibility of success, work with the Periscope of Future and decide about sustainability.

It’s like learning how to ride a bike: we follow our corporate clients by helping them keep their balance until they can walk alone.

The students will learn how to evaluate ideas. They will use the three mathematical formulations (personal efforts, human values – litmus test, and price – financial test). Then, they will see the three elements of the idea, through the perspective of the final user, on the Balance of Innovation, influencing each other online. At this moment, everybody will see what needs to be done to get the idea desired by the final user.  It means success.

Once you learned it, you can walk alone. However, we will offer some revisions each period of years. Every year something new comes up, and it can help the corporate  managers.

We will continue providing orientation and mathematical support to our clients, whenever they want.

In the future, we intend to have some specialists in each country to make this job to our clients with its proper / local culture (human values).


One of the best of S.I.T. ®© consequences of the method is to measure the sustainability of the ideas, prepared to be transformed into innovation. Since the beginning, we know the level / iur number of product, service or process.

In addition, if we know the number of the item (iur) and know which is the last point – the point of the perpetuation of the ideas, beyond of sustainability, 0.00 iur – then we know if our item has, or not, reached the maximum level of natural resources economy.

The “Periscope of the Future” will help us advance until reaching, as near as possible, the perpetuation point, when the item requires minimum natural resources to a maximum benefit to final user.

Then, in the next future, we will begin to Certify Innovations with the maximum level of sustainability. It is “as near as possible, close the perpetuation”.